Woven Tapestry Bell Pulls measure 8.5" W x 40" L. attached to a wooden dowel with color co-ordinated ribbon for hanging.
Original Tapestry, Graphics, Art Work, are Copyright and may not be copied, duplicated, printed or distributed with out written permission. 
American Wildlife, Animals, Deer, Wolf, Bears, Moose, Elk, Bison
Gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Wall Decor for Home, Den, Lodge
Woven Tapestry Wall Hangings measure 27"W and 36" L. Made in USA. Quality workmanship, original designs and backed in 100% mainline cotton.
The Deer Harem
Woven Tapestry Cotton Throws  measure 53" X 67". Full count, 100 % cotton.
Greysong Wolves
Forest King Moose
Bear Den Mother

Woven Tapestry
Wildlife Designs
Elk In Winter

Catch Of The Day
Boyd Norton Bear
Bison Bell Pull
Lodge Bears
Woven Tapestry Decorative Throw Pillows measure 18" square.
Woven Tapestry Tote Bags measure 17" square
Twin Fawns Woven Tapestry Collection
Just one example of our woven tapestry designs offered as a wall hanging, bell pull, decorative pillow, tote bag, or cotton throw.
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wildlife designs, tapestry wall decor, woven tapestry, wall hangings, cotton throws, pillows 
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