Down On The Farm, Barnyard Friends, Animals,
Cows, Rooster, Horses, Baby Fawns, Bunny Rabbits, Cats
Tapestry Wall Hangings, Cotton Throws, Pillows, Totes
Woven on jacquard loom, full count, made in USA
Original Tapestry Designs, Graphics, Art Work are copyright and may not be reproduced, copied, printed, distributed without written permission
Gertie and Mable
Gertie the Cow tapestry wall hanging measures 27"W X 36" L and hangs from a wooden dowel with color coordinated ribbon.
Stablemate Horses
Twin Baby Fawns
Gertie and Mable Bell Pull measures 8.5"W X 40"L and hangs from wooden dowel.
Harvest Bunnies
Barnyard Friends

Lisa Lamb

Spring Frolic
Barnyard Bell Pulls
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