Window Clings stick to any glass surface. Decorative adhesive-free sun catcher type sticker for windows, glass, mirrors. These colorful designs also stick to car windows, kitchen tiles, porcelain, and jars. Removes easily.
Bathroom Window Clings By D, Cheerful Color Art
Custom made, hand painted, one of a kind clings. Use year after year.
Adhesive-free Window Clings, Suncatchers, Stickers for Home, Business, School.
Colorful window decorations draw attention to office, daycare, school room, kitchen, bath, college dorms, hospitals, patio doors, storefronts, car windows that need a little cheer.
Decorate your home for the Holidays, Special Occasions, Seasonal Events, then easily remove the window clings and store in a protective cover for re-use next year. Display on any glass surface.
These transparent, custom made, hand painted, decorations let the light illuminate through glass with eye catching colors. Draw attention to shower doors, mirrors, windows. Each design is unique. Crafted entirely by hand, no two will ever be exactly alike.
Deep, Rich Colors Offer A Cheerful, Lively, Sunny Environment

Great For Kid's Room, Kitchen, Bath, Entry Doors, Daycare

Cheer Up Club Houses, School Rooms, Churches, Hospital Rooms
Window Clings are a perfect compliment to any window, door or room. Custom made hand-painted WindowClingsByD can be ordered only through Joy Light Center Shops
Installs In Minutes
Adhesive Free
Removable, Reusable
Restickable, Fade-resistent
Please Note: Our clings are color art with special plastic to stick to glass surfaces. They are custom made and hand painted.
Hipps, Set of Three
Duck Singing In The Rain
Hippo Splash
Seashells for the Bath Room Window
Colorful Butterfly
4" X 4"
$3.00 plus S & H
Duck With Umbrella
9" X 12"
Price $8.00 plus S & H
(set of 4) 2" X 2" ea.; $6.00
Bathroom Hippo
6" X 6"
Price $6.00 plus S & H
(set of 3)
Duck Umbrella Cling, $8.00
Duck Umbrella Cling, $8.00
Seashell Window Clings, $6.00
Seashell Window Clings, $6.00
Bathroom Hippo, $6.00
Bathroom Hippo, $6.00
Hippos, Set of 3, $12.00
Hippos, Set of 3, $12.00
Butterfly Window Cling, $3.00
Butterfly Window Cling, $3.00
Bright, Cheerful, Butterfly
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Bathroom Window Clings